I am a web developer and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I've had a wide range of work experiences from designing wallpaper to copywriting to marketing. Over the past several years of learning code, I’ve gained a passion for web development and continually try to use my array of technical and creative skills to solve problems and be a better developer.

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Ninety-Nine Times

An infographic application of my grandfather’s world travels. Built with React on the front end using local JSON travel data created from his old journals to populate graphics and CSS. Implemented layout with CSS grid.

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Inline Chat

Chat application allowing users to click on and respond directly underneath a specific message. Built with React, Socket.io, and Express. (WIP)

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You Should Read

A web application that randomly recommends a book from a list of user added favorite reads. Built with React/Redux, React Router, Material UI, and a Rails API.

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High Conceptor

A web application for creating and rating movie & TV concept pitches. Built with Ruby on Rails, JQuery, and Bulma CSS. The project uses OmniAuth for GitHub sign-in and AJAX for updates without page refresh.

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A web application to post and find used items left on NYC sidewalks. Built with Sinatra. Uses Bcrypt for user authentication and styled with Material Design.

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Jim Thomas, Editor

Personal site for Jim Thomas, editor of several New York Times bestsellers. Custom Wordpress theme using Underscores.