In My Younger and More Vulnerable Days

I’m a creative person. I paint, write, and love to learn. As a kid, I had a million hobbies ranging from airbrushing to juggling. Over the last two years, I’ve been teaching myself French. Printmaking and metal sculpture are on my hobby bucket list.

I moved to NYC in 2003 and worked as a creative director for a family business that deals in hand painted Chinese wallpaper. After eight years at the company, I took a risk and left to pursue a writing career. Among a number of screenplays, I wrote a TV pilot that is now in development with a producer of a NBC show. But this process is painfully slow, so during the waiting, I took an unsexy position at a dental lab to pay the rent.

I’m always thinking about things to make, so I started tinkering with front end design in my spare time. As a creative person with lots of different ideas. I love the thought of being able to bring something from a plan to reality. But the major problem I’ve seen with teaching myself front end is that I can’t know what I don’t know. My knowledge of front end design is like a block of Swiss cheese right now — there are lots of holes in my education.

So far the program has been great. Coding is a lot like writing a script; you have an idea of what you want to achieve, write a really crappy first draft, go back and refine and refine until it’s streamlined into something presentable.

I’m looking forward to see where I’ll be as a developer in the next six months. I think having a development background will help my career, wherever it ends up.

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